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One of the most cost-efficient and time saving methods of interpreting in most languages is simultaneous interpretation. This is ideal if your company or organization wishes to present on a topic, or train a large group of people. The interpreter will wear a microphone and simultaneously interpret what the speaker or presenter is saying, meanwhile non-English speakers, or whichever language is being presented) wear headphones attached to receivers to listen to the interpreter's rendition. All those in attendance who do not speak one of the languages being interpreted are provided headsets. This will help everyone communicate in the language they feel most comfortable in and encourage participation.

Simultaneous interpreting can also be used in conferences. If, for example, there is a speaker on stage presenting in English, but there are attendees from Mexico, France and India, different channels would be assigned to each language pairs and everyone in the audience would be able to understand the English speaker in their own language without interruptions.

Simultaneous interpreting can also be used in legal settings such as hearings, trials and depositions. This method of interpreting helps the proceedings move faster and smoother. Interpreters can bring equipment to these assignments per your request and it can be a very useful aid. For example, a Plaintiff can sit at the front of the table with his or her attorney while the interpreter sits behind and interprets using equipment.


Consecutive interpretation is when the speakers pauses in order to allow the interpreter to interpret from the source language into the target language. Consecutive interpreting is utilized at times when a speaker would like to give a speech on stage and has an interpreter present with them. There is no need for equipment however, there is additional time allotted for the interpretation to occur. This type of method can also be used during escort interpreting or attorney client meetings, when two people are engaging in conversation and it is being interpreted in phrases without the use of equipment.


If your company or law firm, needs to have a non-English speaker review and sign legal documents such as a Compromise and Release Agreement (C&R), authorization forms, deposition transcripts, resignation letters, witness statements among others. The use of a Certified or Qualified Interpreter is extremely important to make sure people are fully aware and understand the legal documents they have to sign. Contact TLC to have a Certified or Qualified Interpreter review any documents necessary with non-English speakers to aid in communication and transparency, giving your business and your client a peace of mind.


Need a presentation, a contract or employee handbook translated? TLC can hire a Certified Translator to translate any written document into any language your company may need. Documents such as: university degrees and certificates, real estate contracts, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, letters, statements, marketing materials, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, websites, newsletters, articles, blogs and more. Certified translators specialize in communicating a message from one language to another that keeps in mind the different cultures involved, in order to represent a meaningful message while maintaining accuracy.