TLC remote services during COVID-19! Click here for more information on how to stay connected virtually.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is our priority. At TLC we offer our partners a meaningful way to stay connected with their community and their clients while adhering to social distancing measures. Not only will this protect all of the parties involved, but it will also continue to offer our hard working, professional interpreters and translators the opportunity to continue earning an income from the safety of their home.

Connecting online will allow you to keep your events on schedule and cause less disruptions. We are confident that these solutions can help your team continue providing services for those you serve and keep meaningful connections. Our partners can use any platform of their choice or use TLC’s Zoom and WebEx professional accounts to create and host meetings, live events and conferences. Feel free to send us an email at to inquire about our platforms and services available for remote interpreting.

Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times. We are in this together.